…building one Guyana

Over 1000 homes built
Multiple gated communities created
Over 400 acres developed

Why choose us?

Buddy’s Housing Development is a landmark company in Guyana that has absolutely changed the landscape of Guyana. Buddy’s Housing Development has developed a tremendous amount of projects from the ground up. Our homes are made for you, and are affordable with all modern amenities, giving you a quality that is second to none.

Who we are

Buddy’s Housing Development is built on a simple passion spanning two generations – taking Guyana into the future. The world has changed rapidly within the last two decades alone. Just look at some of our modern cities, and you’ll see a kind of landscape that didn’t exist before. People and companies have refined how they design homes for their families and business operations.

For a young country like Guyana, keeping up with this fast-paced change while remaining competitive comes with challenges. These challenges get more complex when we consider the promise of oil and how it is already changing Guyana’s business-scape. This is why the Shivraj family, owner and founder of Buddy’s Housing Development, focuses more than four decades of business experience on building Guyana. This is one way to ensure that the country doesn’t get left behind and that it heads into the future with strong strides.

While the Shivraj name is well-known and respected in Guyana’s private sector, wider potential markets are not aware of the range of services offered by Buddy’s Housing Development. Our primary goal is ensuring that the right people know what we do – we are specifically interested in potential markets for our real estate, rental and construction services.

What We Do

Buddy’s Housing Development has gained vast experience in Land clearing and Development, Drainage and Irrigation, Building Roads and Bridges, laying of pipes for GWI, installation of GPL infrastructure and building out large properties.

Buddy’s Housing Development doesn’t just build large commercial structures from foundation to finish, we build spaces to advance education and business innovation. We don’t just build houses, we build homes for families and safe residential apartments for those who have to work far from home for a while. We find the right people to get the job done, deal with sourcing equipment and materials and create connections with other services when you need them.

We are deeply connected to Guyana and we’re here for the long-term. We care about taking our country into the future and to do this, we will build Guyana. Some of our major successes include constructing the University of Guyana Behavioral Science Building and the massive Gafoor’s Complex. We also led the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph expansion projects.

We have been pioneers in providing Guyanese with modern services and experiences. A quarter century ago, our auto sales created the opportunity for Guyanese to own their own vehicles. Less than a decade later we jumped right into the hospitality industry and offered the first real modern clubbing experience for Guyanese. We followed that by responding to people’s shift to healthier lifestyles by creating one of the first modern gyms in the country. Today we have a diverse community that knows our name, trusts us and remains loyal.

Moving into the Future

As Buddy’s Housing Development moves into Guyana’s new and exciting future, we will apply our extensive local knowledge and build solid partnerships to continue delivering homes for businesses and families through our real estate, rental and construction services.